It is an organization that promotes, operates and manages Free Zones, own or third parties, providing services in a reliable, agile, timely, with high standards of safety, quality and technology, generating value to its customers, employees and shareholders, in with the community and environment friendly, promoting foreign trade and business development in Colombia and the region´s around it.


INTEXZONA S.A. ZFP, promotes and ensures compliance with the free regime; providing reliable, agile and timely services to our users. It also contributes to the conservation of the environment and the sustainable development of the community involved, attracting foreign investment and increasing national and international trade.


By the year 2030 position INTEXZONA S.A. ZFP as a pioneer in the integration of productive chains and free regime for Latin American entrepreneurs. Likewise, we intend to promote, administer and operate new Permanent and Special Free Zones in the national territory.

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Marca País Colombia
More than a brand, it is the history and culture of a country, and offering the world the best of this country, its people, its culture and its work

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The FSE is a preventive program, which allows establishing a strategic alliance between the institution and the business sector, in favor of security and against the crime that affects companies and multinationals in the country.




Find the best competitive advantages you need for your organization, See below the Real Estate and Properties that are available in our free trade zone, always INTEXZONA.

INTEXZONA, permanent free trade zone

Our indicators confirm our growth.

79+ Companies
100% 1 Stage Sold 70% in Construction
70% 2 Stage Sold 62.118,19 MT2 Available
100% 3 Stage Available 125935.56 MT2 Available


INTEXZONA USER PERMANENT FREE ZONE OPERATOR offers the possibility of personalized training tailored to each user in the following topics:

Free zone information system SIZFRA

Form of Movement of Merchandise, Groups of Items, Tables Input Product,Certificates of Integration.

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Exports / Imports from / to the free trade zone

Industrial Users and Commercial Users.
Provision of Import Declaration, Customs Tax, Origin.

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Operations between user’s zf / Outputs to the rest of the world

Sales of Goods among Users, Leases of Machinery and Equipment, Contracts of Transformation, Transfer of Rights, Transitory Free Zones.
Sales and Re Dispatch.

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We make it viable that your project is in a free zone.

We provide all the tools, permanent support and focus your project to exploit to the maximum the benefits that INTEXZONA S.A. ZFP.

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Customs transits and multimodal transport DTA, DTAI and cabotage.

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Legal framework / User types.

Law, Decrees, Resolutions and Circulars.
Benefits and Users Qualification.

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One-time annual income tax rate of 20% for qualified users under the industrial scheme VS an income tax rate of 34% + 6% surcharge during 2017 for a taxable base equal to or greater than 800M, paid in Colombia (TAN) generating a 50% saving. (For 2018, 33% income tax + 4% surcharge for a Taxable Base greater than or equal to 800M).

The sales of the national territory to industrial users of goods and services, is exempt from VAT (Tax Statute Art. 481).

When paying the income tax the company, the dividends in head of the partners are exempt from the income tax.

Partial processing of goods in the National Customs Territory, without payment of customs duties.


Customs extraterritoriality.
No payment of customs taxes for capital goods, machinery, equipment, supplies and spare parts from abroad.

Repair of machinery and equipment in Colombia (TAN) as partial export of 180 days, extendable 90 more.

Partial nationalization of goods.

Unlimited storage of foreign goods without payment of customs duties.

Grouping transport documents into a single import declaration.

Supply of goods from other Free Zones to free warehouses and on-board stores for consumption and take-away.

Admission to the National Customs Territory with the payment of tariffs and VAT on the foreign component. Termination of temporary regimes in the Free Zone.

The benefit added in the Free Trade Zone to foreign inputs is considered national.

Simplified customs processes, thanks to the fact that the Goods Movement Form, issued by the Operator User, acts as DEX.

Foreign Trade

ACCESS OF GOODS TO FREE ZONES WITHOUT PAYING TRIBUTES: The raw materials that come from abroad when entering a Free Trade Zone of the country do not have to pay customs taxes while they remain within Free Trade Zones, so, these Zones are a magnet for companies foreign countries that do not have agreements with other countries and that want to access those markets exporting from Colombia.

APPLICATION OF THE RULES OF THE FTA IN FREE ZONES: The rules of origin agreed in the FTA also apply to the products made in the Free Zones. Reason why, only contributing 35% of national value added, the products elaborated, transformed or assembled in Free Zone can acquire Colombian origin in the USA.

COMPREHENSIVE PROCESSES BETWEEN DIFFERENT FREE ZONES: the different Free Zones of the Country you can carry out processes among themselves, which is why you can take advantage of each of the advantages of the regions.

CONCURRENCE OF COMPANY BENEFITS WITH TRANSFORMATION AND ASSEMBLY CONTRACTS WITH THE NATIONAL GOVERNMENT: A company located in Free Zone can also access the benefits of Transformation and Assembly Deposits, which is why auto parts and vehicle assembly companies both light and heavy, they can also access the benefits of Free Zone, maintaining the benefits of the transformation and assembly tanks.

INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION LOGISTICS PLATFORMS (DFI): Zones will become true International Logistics Platforms and Productive Centersfor Globalization, especially in the creation of synergies between the different regions of the Country and taking advantage of the infrastructure of the Colombian Caribbean and the space available in Free Trade Zones that currently exists.


AGREEMENT 20 OF COTA, 2009 ARTICLE 1.- Field of application. Grant the exemption of the Industry and Commerce tax, from the tax year of 2009, for one time only and for a period of eight (8) years, to the new companies that are established in the industrial zone of the Municipality of Cota – Cundinamarca, according to one floor plan, defined as such in the Basic Plan for Land Use Planning, and which are constituted, as natural, legal or solidarity economy persons and that develop industrial, commercial or service activities, in accordance with the requirements established by the municipal government.

SEVENTH ARTICLE: Incentive to employability. The companies located in the industrial zones of the municipality of Cota, will be able to obtain an additional benefit consisting of a twenty percent exoneration (20%). If more than twenty percent (20%) of its employees and operative workers and three percent (3%) of the administrative, professional and technical staff of his payroll is a staff member in Cota, for more than five (5) years, in accordance with the certificate issued by the competent authority, a percentage that must be sustained throughout the period of the exoneration .


INTEXZONA, permanent free trade zone, is the foreign trade platform that offers success to our companies; so that they develop the strategies and permanence of our organizations.

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Valid normativity associated to the permanent INTEXZONA free zone management

Kinds of users:


Judicial person authorized to lead, administer, supervise, promote and develop free zones, as well as qualify its users.

Industrial goods:

Judicial Person installed exclusively in one or multiple free zones, authorized to produce, transform and assemble goods trough raw material or semi-elaborated product processing.

Industrial services:

Judicial person authorized to develop exclusively in one or multiple free zones, the following activities:

Logistics, transportation, manipulation, distribution, packing, repackaging, containing, labeling or classifying.

Telecommunications, technologic systems for captured, processing, storage and data emission as well as organizing or operating databases.

Scientific and technological investigations.

Medical, odontology and general health assistance.


Repair, cleaning or quality tests of goods.

Technical support, maintenance and equipment repairs, ships, airships or machinery.

Audit, administration, brokerage, consultancy or anything similar.


Judicial person authorized on the following activities: Develop market, commercialization, storage or goods preservation in one or multiple free zones


The service offered by the industrial services user must be given exclusively inside or from within, the area declared as the free zone as long as no physical displacement exists outside of the free zone of who gives the service. The judicial person, who requests the qualification as a commercial user, will not be able to hold another qualification simultaneously, but the development of its social object won’t be circumscribed to the area declared as a free zone.

Kinds of users:


Law 963 of 2005

Which establishes a law of judicial stability for investors in Colombia.

See document.

Law 1004 of 2005.

Which modifies a special regime to stimulate investment and other dispositions.

See document.



Decree 390 of 2016

Which establishes customs regulations.
See document.

Decree 2147 of 2016.

Which modifies the regime of free zones and dictates other dispositions.
See document.

Decree 2950 of august of 2005.

With partially rules the law 963 of 2005 “which states a law of judicial stability for investors in Colombia”.
See document.

Decree 4051 of October of 2007.

Which partially modifies decree 2685 of 1999 and dictates other dispositions .
See document.

Decree 2883 of 2008

Which partially modifies decree 2685 and dictates other dispositions
See document.


Compromise, investment and employment:

Real productive fixed assets Employment compromise Investment compromise
0 – 500 minimum wages.. - Three(3) direct employments (start up)
- two (2) direct employments (Second year)
- two (2) direct employments (third year).
501 – 5.000 minimum ages. twenty (20) direct and formal employments. 1.000 Minimum wages beside real productive fixed assets credited at the moment of qualification.
5.001 – 30.000 minimum wages. thirty (30 direct and formal employments. 5.000 Minimum wages beside real productive fixed assets credited at the moment of qualification.
30.000 or more minimum wages. fifty (50) direct and formal employments. 11.500 Minimum wages beside real productive fixed assets credited at the moment of qualification.

Compromise, investment and employment:

Qualified users:

Qualification book:

Download instructions for qualified users.
See document.

Qualified users.

See qualified users of the intexzona free zone.
See Users.

Qualified users:

Resolutions, ruling and mailshots

User rules of 2017

Which stablishes customs regulations.
See document.

4240 resolution of 2000.

Which rules decree 285 of the 28th of December of 1999.
See document.

5532 resolution of 2008.

Which partially modifies and adds the 4240 resolution of 2000.
See document.

Most often questions about resolution 285 of 2007

Which imposes public and private deposits; customs intermediate societies; port societies; free zone users; transportation enterprises; international shipment agents; high exporters and permanent customs agents, the obligation to report in a direct way to the information and financial analysis unit.
See document.

Mailshot October of 2008.

Clarification of the modifications done to the change of operations in free zones.
See document.

Resolutions, ruling and mailshots


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